Arabia Mountain is one of our top spots in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hey there! We are Meli and Chris (Atlanta Wedding Photography) Have you been looking for a cool, unique, and gorgeous place for your engagement session? Then, we might be able to help you. In this blog, we’ll show you a fun and beautiful session.

From our experience photographing couples and weddings (8+ yrs!), we know that Finding the perfect spot can be hard. Especially if you have never been to there or if you find a photo but the photographer doesn’t show where it is. Since exploring is something we do on a regular basis (yes, we love traveling!) in Atlanta, Georgia, trust us when we tell you…that Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area might be the right place for you!

So, a few of the reasons to love Arabia Mountain are:

  • The sunset is GORGEOUS here. We’ve seen many sunset, and if it’s a sunny day, it WILL be magical. The sun is not hidden behind trees and that results with an incredible sun flare look that is hard to get at waterfalls, woods, or anywhere else.
  • The colors are very earthy, so any outfit will likely look great and even stand out.
  • Pet friendly since the hike is not hard!
  • LOTS of open space (crowd and COVID friendly)
  • Not too long of a drive…about 45min from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Free parking!
  • The landscape is very unique, you might feel like you’re on Mars or something!

The best reason of all are the photos we can take for you here. Here’s a sample from this lovely couple!

That’s it! This was one of the many possibilities in Arabia Mountain, because it changes every season (flowers bloom, and colors change).

Lastly, If you liked what you saw, then you’re at the right place! We’d love to work with you! Message us here or email us at Also, we’re on IG! Follow us @meliandchrisphoto

All photos by Meli and Chris! Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographers.


Arabia Mountain Engagement Session | Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer

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